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Cover reveal and a giveaway!

So today is our cover reveal day. It has finally arrived.

And it was awesome. I think we should do a cover reveal every week!

But that’s not really a thing so this one will have to do.

Thank you to all the amazing!blogs that participated. You’ve made this day so good for the two of us! I’d list you all but I’m scared I’ll miss someone and we can’t have that.


Thank you to our cover designer, Ari @ Cover It! Designs for getting into our brains and pulling the cover out of them.

And here it is, without further ado.

And now, to celebrate, here’s a giveaway. Two swag packs and two $10 Amazon giftcards.

Ah, and our Goodreads giveaway also went live today.

You can find it here.

Hope everyone likes the cover! Again, thank you to everyone who participated in the reveal :D. Here’s some more cover goodness:


Blog Post!

Eep, first blog post. Pretty awesome, though I’m not much of a blogger. I’m sure Sienna will give you a more entertaining post, if we ever figure out this WordPress thing.

First of all, OVERWHELMED with all the support in the last couple of days.

VENDETTA is a story that happened on a whim with my awesome friend Sienna Lane, and we never expected so much attention but!!! Here it is and we couldn’t be more grateful.

The blurb… we slaved over that blurb for days. We tried everything – the typical “Devon Andre blah blah… will he? will they? blah blah”

It just didn’t work with this book, because gah. I wish I could tell you all why. Whatever we came up with wasn’t good enough to tell you what this story is about.

So we figured, let’s just show it.

And so we did, and I’m so glad readers liked it enough to add the book to their tbr because we both felt it was just a little risky.

So thank you all.

Cover reveal coming in less than a month (I kind of love it!) and today… we decided on a release date. That was scary. Because that means we had to book an editor. Another scary thing.

So, we’ll be announcing this release date soon-ish – just as we figure out if everything clicks.

Anyways, kudos to anyone who read this haha.