Just a couple of things!

One! You can still sign up for the blog tour! Yep, you can find the sign up link here.

So many awesome blogs are participating! It’s going to be awesome.

Two! Have you added Ruby Lips to your TBR? No? A porn star and a sexy latino vagabond – let’s see if they can play nice together. The cover! You should see it <3. Can’t wait to show that off.

And finally – this week we wrote that elusive THE END. Yes we did. VENDETTA is finally finished. We’re going over it and it should be going out to our betas (hi, lovely betas!) next week.

I cried. No idea how the story went where it did, but it’s good. It’s a good ending to these two.

And finally, a couple of teasers. They’ve been out there for a while, but I like to keep all these things in one place. Here we go:

VTEASER4 vteaser5 vteaser6 vteaser7